Financial Services

Financial service providers require IT systems that support the business decision process quickly and efficiently.
Bemitech works with financial services providers to create solutions that meet higher requirements for the flexibility and scalability of businesses of all sizes, while delivering quality customer service. We have experience in Banking Systems, Payment Gateways, Mobile Money Transfer Systems and Billing Systems.


Never in the time of history has the healthcare industry needed complex IT solutions to solve most of the challenges its facing than today. Typical issues range from new regulations to increased pressure to delivering better patient care with scanty resources.

Information technology is playing a key role in helping healthcare providers meet these new demands. Bemitech is working closely with healthcare providers to create tailor made solutions. Our health care projects include tools for National
bio-medical laboratory record systms, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) management, patient communication and appointment
booking, as well as data warehousing.

Hospitality and Travel Industry

Bemitech developers have created several solutions for the hospitality industry. We have developed hotel booking systems, air line booking systems and helped clients improve operational efficiency by integrating booking engines with CRM and financial solutions.


Bemitech helps companies gain the manufacturing edge by developing solutions that optimize and manage company's costs,
supply chain, production process, and resource allocation. We partner with our customers to develop tailor made software
and systems that are stable and reliable. Over the years we have accumulated deep knowledge in product portfolio management,
inventory, warehouse management and shipping, quality management as well as customer relationship management.


Bemitech specializes in e-Learning as the core of our service offerings since the company’s foundation in 2006. We also
specialize in Online Video and Real Time Communication, which is critical for implementing powerful
multimedia and/or webcast functionality
 for a
distance learning system.

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