ICT Section

Since 2015, Bemitech ICT Section has actively pursued the integration of ICT into teaching and learning and the development of pupils’ digital literacy, primarily through its ICT in standard private schools programe. This Programe has focused on four key areas:

    • The provision of essential ICT infrastructure within schools
    • The provision of access to broadband connectivity to schools
    • Continuous professional development for teachers in ICT
    • Integrating ICT within the curriculum and providing curriculum-relevant digital content and software.

Our main focus point is to set up at least 50 computer systems in standard private schools where their is optimal security in place. We aim at working together with the school’s proprietors in collaboration where the students pay a token per term to ensure they are being taught computer practical on daily basis.

Bemitech also help the concerned private schools to procure IT and other related materials to equip the school, besides employs tutors, train and discharge them to various schools for computer practical teaching.

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